Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement Form

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    1.1 To refrain at all times whether in NSW or elsewhere from disclosing or imparting to any other person or allowing or suffering any person to disclose or impart any of the Confidential Information to other persons, save that I/We show them this Confidentiality Agreement.
    1.2 To refrain from allowing or suffering any person to inspect, view, take extracts or copy any part of the Confidential Information, save my/our professional advisors.
    1.3 To return all such Confidential Information to the AGENT within seven (7) days if requested or immediately if I/we decide not to purchase the business.
    1.4 To refrain from contacting or dealing directly with the VENDOR or visiting the premises without the express consent of the AGENT.
    1.5 To refrain from using the Confidential Information in any way which might harm or prejudice the interests of the VENDOR.

    2.1 The AGENT has pointed out that the Confidential Information provided to me/us has been provided by the VENDOR, or the VENDORS
    2.2 Representatives or advisors or compiled by the AGENT from material obtained from the VENDOR, or the VENDOR’S representatives or advisors, and should be checked independently for accuracy and truth. The Agent Informed me/us that it is not possible for the AGENT to check validity of such information and invited me/us to make my/our own inquiries in relation to the financial and other data concerning the above business/s. The AGENT also warned me/us that any indication of past performance was in no way a warranty or representation that a new owner would be able to achieve such results in the future and advised me/us to seek independent advice as appropriate before proceeding with any purchase.
    2.3 The VENDOR will suffer loss and damage from any breach by me/us of any duties under this agreement.
    2.4 The AGENT has been solely instrumental in my/our being introduced to the Business and will suffer loss or damage if I/we contact or attempt to deal directly with the VENDOR. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY & DISCLAIMER.
    2.5 The terms and condition of this contract shall continue to have full force and affect after the business is sold.